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HuggingFace Model Support


To start the inference server for the Validated Models, refer to the Deploying Inference Server documentation.

We provide the capability to download model files from any HuggingFace repository and generate a MAR file to start an inference server using it with Torchserve.

To start the Inference Server for any other HuggingFace model, follow the steps below.

Generate Model Archive File for HuggingFace Models

Run the following command for downloading and generating the Model Archive File (MAR) with the HuggingFace Model files :

python3 $WORK_DIR/llm/ [--hf_token <HUGGINGFACE_HUB_TOKEN> --repo_version <REPO_VERSION> --handler <CUSTOM_HANDLER_PATH>] --model_name <HUGGINGFACE_MODEL_NAME> --repo_id <HUGGINGFACE_REPO_ID> --model_path <MODEL_PATH> --mar_output <MAR_EXPORT_PATH>
Where the arguments are :

  • model_name: Name of HuggingFace model
  • repo_id: HuggingFace Repository ID of the model
  • repo_version: Commit ID of model's HuggingFace repository, defaults to latest HuggingFace commit ID (optional)
  • model_path: Absolute path of model files (should be an empty folder)
  • mar_output: Absolute path of export of MAR file (.mar)
  • handler: Path to custom handler, defaults to llm/ (optional)
  • hf_token: Your HuggingFace token. Needed to download and verify LLAMA(2) models.


Download model files and generate model archive for codellama/CodeLlama-7b-hf:

python3 $WORK_DIR/llm/ --model_name codellama_7b_hf --repo_id codellama/CodeLlama-7b-hf --model_path /models/codellama_7b_hf/model_files --mar_output /models/model_store

Start Inference Server with HuggingFace Model

Run the following command to start TorchServe (Inference Server) and run inference on the provided input for HuggingFace models:

Where the arguments are :

  • n: Name of HuggingFace model
  • d: Absolute path of input data folder (optional)
  • a: Absolute path to the Model Store directory


To start Inference Server with codellama/CodeLlama-7b-hf:

bash $WORK_DIR/llm/ -n codellama_7b_hf -a /models/model_store -d $WORK_DIR/data/summarize