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Getting Started

This is a guide on getting started with GPT-in-a-Box deployment on a Virtual Machine. You can find the open source repository for the virtual machine version here.

Tested Specifications:

Specification Tested Version
Python 3.10
Operating System Ubuntu 20.04
System Memory 32 GB

Follow the steps below to install the necessary prerequisites.

Install openjdk, pip3

Run the following command to install pip3 and openjdk

sudo apt-get install openjdk-17-jdk python3-pip

Install NVIDIA Drivers

To install the NVIDIA Drivers, refer to the official Installation Reference.

Proceed to downloading the latest Datacenter NVIDIA drivers for your GPU type.

For NVIDIA A100, Select A100 in Datacenter Tesla for Linux 64 bit with CUDA toolkit 11.7, latest driver is 515.105.01.

curl -fSsl -O
sudo sh -s


We don’t need to install CUDA toolkit separately as it is bundled with PyTorch installation. Just NVIDIA driver installation is enough.

Download Nutanix package

Download the v0.2 release version from the NAI-LLM Releases and untar the release on the node. Set the working directory to the root folder containing the extracted release.

export WORK_DIR=absolute_path_to_empty_release_directory
mkdir $WORK_DIR
tar -xvf <release tar file> -C $WORK_DIR --strip-components=1

Install required packages

Run the following command to install the required python packages.

pip install -r $WORK_DIR/llm/requirements.txt