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OIDC integration


The scenario and features described on this page are experimental. It's important to note that they have not been fully validated.

Kubernetes allows users to authenticate using various authentication mechanisms. One of these mechanisms is OIDC. Information on how Kubernetes interacts with OIDC providers can be found in the OpenID Connect Tokens section of the official Kubernetes documentation.

Follow the steps below to configure a CAPX cluster to use an OIDC identity provider.


  1. Generate a cluster.yaml file with the required CAPX cluster configuration. Refer to the Getting Started page for more information on how to generate a cluster.yaml file. Do not apply the cluster.yaml file.
  2. Edit the cluster.yaml file and search for the KubeadmControlPlane resource.
  3. Modify/add the spec.kubeadmConfigSpec.clusterConfiguration.apiServer.extraArgs attribute and add the required API server parameters. See the example below.
  4. Apply the cluster.yaml file
  5. Log in with the OIDC provider once the cluster is provisioned


kind: KubeadmControlPlane
            oidc-client-id: <oidc-client-id>
            oidc-issuer-url: <oidc-issuer-url>