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This section provides an overview of the requirements for Nutanix CCM:

Port requirements

Nutanix CCM uses Prism Central APIs to fetch the required information for the Kubernetes nodes. As a result, the Kubernetes nodes need to have access to the Prism Central endpoint that is configured in the nutanix-config configmap.

Source Destination Protocol Port Description
Kubernetes nodes Prism Central TCP 9440 Nutanix CCM communication to Prism Central

User permissions

Nutanix CCM will only perform read operations and requires a user account with an assigned Viewer role to consume Prism Central APIs.

Required roles: Local user

Role Required
User Admin No
Prism Central Admin No


For local users, if no role is assigned, the local user will only get Viewer permissions

Required roles: Directory user

Assign following role in the user role-mapping if a non-local user is required:

Role Required
Viewer Yes