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Nutanix CCM Configuration

Nutanix CCM can be configured via a JSON formated file stored in a configmap called nutanix-config. This configmap is located in the same namespace as the Nutanix CCM deployment. See the manifests/cloud-provider-nutanix-deployment.yaml file for details on the Nutanix CCM deployment.

Example nutanix-config configmap:

kind: ConfigMap
apiVersion: v1
  name: nutanix-config
  namespace: kube-system
  nutanix_config.json: |-
      "prismCentral": {
        "address": "${NUTANIX_ENDPOINT}",
        "port": ${NUTANIX_PORT},
        "insecure": ${NUTANIX_INSECURE},
        "credentialRef": {
          "kind": "secret",
          "name": "nutanix-creds"
      "enableCustomLabeling": false,
      "topologyDiscovery": {
        "type": "Categories",
        "topologyCategories": {
          "regionCategory": "${NUTANIX_REGION_CATEGORY}",
          "zoneCategory": "${NUTANIX_ZONE_CATEGORY}"

The table below provides an overview of the supported configuration parameters.

Configuration parameters

Key Type Description
topologyDiscovery object (Optional) Configures the topology discovery mode.
Prism topology discovery is used by default if topologyDiscovery attribute is not passed.
topologyDiscovery.type string Topology Discovery mode. Can be Prism or Categories. See Topology Discovery for more information.
topologyDiscovery.topologyCategories object Required if topology discovery mode is Categories.
topologyDiscovery.topologyCategories.regionCategory string Category key defining the region of the Kubernetes node.
topologyDiscovery.topologyCategories.zoneCategory string Category key defining the zone of the Kubernetes node.
enableCustomLabeling bool Boolean value to enable custom labeling. See Custom Labeling for more information.
Default: false
prismCentral object Prism Central endpoint configuration.
prismCentral.address string FQDN/IP of the Prism Central endpoint.
prismCentral.port int Port to connect to Prism Central.
Default: 9440
prismCentral.insecure bool Disable Prism Central certificate checking.
Default: false
prismCentral.credentialRef object Prism Central credential configuration. See Credentials for more information.
prismCentral.credentialRef.kind string Credential kind.
Allowed value: secret string Name of the secret.
prismCentral.credentialRef.namespace string (Optional) Namespace of the secret.