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Google Anthos Clusters on Bare Metal Manual Installation on Nutanix AHV

Note: The following Google Anthos versions have been tested on Nutanix AHV:

Google Anthos versions
1.6.x - 1.9.x, 1.13.x, 1.14.x

When installing Google Anthos clusters on bare metal on Nutanix AHV, it is required to manually create the virtual machines through Prism Central.

These virtual machines need to run a validated operating system. The list of validated operating systems can be found in the Nutanix section of the partner platforms page.

Google Anthos clusters on bare metal requires the following virtual machines types to be provisioned:


The number of cluster node virtual machines that need to be created depend on the deployment type for the controlplane and the amount of worker nodes required for the application.

Refer to the Anthos clusters on bare metal quickstart to get a detailed overview of the installation procedure of Google Anthos.


When deploying the Anthos nodes on a Nutanix IPAM-managed subnet, make sure the controlPlaneVIP, ingressVIP and addressPools are not part of one of the IP-pools to prevent IP conflicts.