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The NutanixCluster resource defines the configuration of a CAPX Kubernetes cluster.

Example of a NutanixCluster resource:

kind: NutanixCluster
  name: ${CLUSTER_NAME}
  namespace: ${NAMESPACE}
    address: ${NUTANIX_ENDPOINT}
      kind: Secret
      name: ${CLUSTER_NAME}
    insecure: ${NUTANIX_INSECURE=false}
    port: ${NUTANIX_PORT=9440}

NutanixCluster spec

The table below provides an overview of the supported parameters of the spec attribute of a NutanixCluster resource.

Configuration parameters

Key Type Description
controlPlaneEndpoint object Defines the host IP and port of the CAPX Kubernetes cluster. string Host IP to be assigned to the CAPX Kubernetes cluster.
controlPlaneEndpoint.port int Port of the CAPX Kubernetes cluster. Default: 6443
prismCentral object (Optional) Prism Central endpoint definition.
prismCentral.address string IP/FQDN of Prism Central.
prismCentral.port int Port of Prism Central. Default: 9440
prismCentral.insecure bool Disable Prism Central certificate checking. Default: false
prismCentral.credentialRef object Reference to credentials used for Prism Central connection.
prismCentral.credentialRef.kind string Kind of the credentialRef. Allowed value: Secret string Name of the secret containing the Prism Central credentials.
prismCentral.credentialRef.namespace string (Optional) Namespace of the secret containing the Prism Central credentials.


To prevent duplicate IP assignments, it is required to assign an IP-address to the variable that is not part of the Nutanix IPAM or DHCP range assigned to the subnet of the CAPX cluster.