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User Requirements

Cluster API Provider Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (CAPX) interacts with Nutanix Prism Central (PC) APIs using a Prism Central user account.

CAPX supports two types of PC users:

See Credential Management for more information on how to pass the user credentials to CAPX.

Minimum required CAPX permissions for domain users

The following permissions are required for Prism Central domain users:

  • Create Category Mapping
  • Create Image
  • Create Or Update Name Category
  • Create Or Update Value Category
  • Create Virtual Machine
  • Delete Category Mapping
  • Delete Image
  • Delete Name Category
  • Delete Value Category
  • Delete Virtual Machine
  • View Category Mapping
  • View Cluster
  • View Image
  • View Name Category
  • View Project
  • View Subnet
  • View Value Category
  • View Virtual Machine


The list of permissions has been validated on PC 2022.6 and above.