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Deploying Inference Server

Run the following command to start TorchServe (Inference Server) and run inference on the provided input:

Where the arguments are :

  • n: Name of model
  • v: Commit ID of model's HuggingFace repository (optional, if not provided default set in model_config will be used)
  • d: Absolute path of input data folder (optional)
  • a: Absolute path to the Model Store directory

The available LLMs model names are mpt_7b (mosaicml/mpt_7b), falcon_7b (tiiuae/falcon-7b), llama2_7b (meta-llama/Llama-2-7b-hf).

Once the Inference Server has successfully started, you should see a "Ready For Inferencing" message.


The following are example commands to start the Inference Server.

For Inference with official MPT-7B model:

bash $WORK_DIR/llm/ -n mpt_7b -d $WORK_DIR/data/translate -a /home/ubuntu/models/model_store
For Inference with official Falcon-7B model:
bash $WORK_DIR/llm/ -n falcon_7b -d $WORK_DIR/data/qa -a /home/ubuntu/models/model_store
For Inference with official Llama2-7B model:
bash $WORK_DIR/llm/ -n llama2_7b -d $WORK_DIR/data/summarize -a /home/ubuntu/models/model_store

Stop Inference Server and Cleanup

Run the following command to stop the Inference Server and clean up temporarily generate files.

python3 $WORK_DIR/llm/